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Book yourself a vacation aboard

A number of entertainment shows are also offered on board such as Broadway-style shows and events. This year, try something different.

Owned, developed and managed by the Lasko family, the Kosher Cruises have been specially conceptualized to offer you and your family a truly luxurious and exciting vacation.

Book yourself a vacation aboard the Kosher Cruise resorts today and enjoy a thoroughly rejuvenating, refreshing and thrilling vacation that you would love to relive every year.

The destinations, selected by the Kosher Cruises family to be included as part of your vacation, include places of mass interest and attraction. Each fleet is super luxurious and equipped with world class amenities that promise to make your vacation a truly cherishable experience. Some of the main features of the fleet include:

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Apart from the above features, the Glatt Kosher Cruises also offer sumptuous meals, beverages and enchanting entertainment aboard the vessel.

The Lasko Kosher family offers a total of 4 amazing Kosher Cruises fleet to choose from. There are an endless number of activities that you can undertake to amuse yourself. By undertaking a cruise vacation to these destinations, you will get the opportunity to appreciate and enjoy their spectacular vast natural beauty as well as get personally acquainted with their history and culture.We all dream about going for our dream vacation with our loved ones. The cruises also offer gourmet meals and tasteful snacks that you can enjoy during your trip. Every year, you wrack your brains to think of a new place that you could visit. You will also be provided with ocean transportation as and when required. The 4 Lasko Kosher cruise fleet include

Each Glatt Kosher Cruise is a paradise of comfort, luxury and plush ambiance.
. Book yourself into a Lasko Kosher Cruise and get ready for a vacation like you have never experienced before

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