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Carom is a game which can be played by

Carom is one of the oldest games which have been played for nearly two hundred years, though games of similar kind have been played for thousands of years under a variety of names.

Origination of Carom is uncertain but sources say it may be from India, Portuguese or Burmese origin. Other names of this game are carrum, couronne, carum, karam, karom, karum and finger billiards.

Carom is a game which can be played by children, youngsters and old age people. Old age people like this game very much as they can while away their time. In old age homes, oldies gather in the evening and play this game. In slum areas, there are many roadside clubs. Youngsters gather in the evening to play this game.

Carom is played on a smooth wooden square table. Two, three or four people can play this game. A striker is needed so that can coins can be pushed in the corner pockets. This game can be either played on a carom stand or on a ground or on a table etc so that it remains fixed.

If you want your coins to reach the corner pockets fast, rub carom powder on your board before the game starts. When two players play this game, they should sit opposite to each other. When four people compromising two teams, sit opposite to each other, occupying all the four sides of carom boards.

In carom board game, nine white counters, nine black, one red and a bigger striker is required. Each player should try to propel each coin into the corner pockets with the help of striker.

Before selecting a carom board you have to consider certain factors your skill level, the type of carom you play and the price you want to play.

Determine the type of carom style you want to play with. Compared to the traditional carom board there are certain variations in todays carom board. In todays carom board you dont have to use your fingers. Carom boards come with miniature cue sticks to move the striker.

Select the level of play before you buy. A beginner may need a smaller board or a board that will require bigger pockets that will fit the striker. An intermediate player will purchase a traditional board with pockets that are little larger than the carom men pieces. Professionals prefer hexagonal carom wall base Suppliers board.

Buy a carom powder to keep your board as slippery as possible. Look into the material of the board. While buying a high priced, tournament style board, make sure that wood does not warp easily.

The main aim of this game is you have to put your nine carom men in the corner pockets before your opponent does it. One important thing to remember is before propelling your final carom man, queen must be pocketed and then put one of your carom men. If you create any fouls like crossing the diagonal lines on the board with any part of your body, or potting the striker, lead to carom men being returned to the board.

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