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Carrying an out of the box image

An indispensable resource in the quest to build an online business is the creation of lists. What are lists? Very simply this: lists are a collection of names and email ids (and other details as applicable) that are stored by you for the purpose of approaching again and again to solicit business.

The logic behind using lists this way is that these individuals came on board when they responded, replied or registered at your website for some facility they perceived as adding value to their personal needs. As you will well understand, the lists you build constitute a universe of potential customers. If folks have already evinced interest in your product, the chances are so much higher they will buy from you.

Sounds fair and square, doesnt it? But as you will doubtless readily agree, building lists isnt an easy task at times. How can one do this tricky exercise successfully? Well, here goes:

One of the most important first things is to create what is known as the squeeze page. Its the opening gambit of your website, to borrow a chess metaphor, where you present your products) as nattily, jazzily, imaginatively as possible, not forgetting to add images of the right sort. Work hard to make the potential customer drool over your offer and quickly fill in boxes for names, addresses, nationalities and other details. One by one, with this step, your list is born.

The important thing to know is that potential clients are unlikely to take serious interest skirting board Manufacturers in products outside of their principal domain of interest. So when youre offering something free, make sure its in an area you know deeply and one they want to know better. As a banker, for example, you can offer tips on how not to bounce a check. As a haberdasher, your free offer could relate to 10 intricate stitches one never thought one could actually do. Dont step beyond the boundaries of self knowledge. Get the picture?

Another way to attract interest is to cash in on your professional programs like GDI or PAS and others. You may be privy to information contained in free program packs that are given to participants. Check out copyright rules, though. Also, verify the true value of e books and such because some of these might well be shortchanging the users in terms of value offered. Test software, too. Offering software that doesnt deliver its promises can spell disaster for your online business. Remember, there are no short cuts to success.

Carrying an out of the box image is usually a great help. If its truly original and brain teasing, it will stand out in potential clients minds with top of the mind recall. Grabbing appreciative attention of visitors to the site is a major conquest for you.

Always keep the opt in box simple, uncluttered with details people might shun from sharing.

Importantly, use an auto responder that seeks confirmation by return email. With confirmation received, your bond with the client is complete.

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