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Exercise boosts our endorphins

At times, our social atmosphere can make it really difficult to experience the simple joy of everyday living. Traffic, bills, deadlines, you name it. They all can elude us from our core ability of experiencing joy!

It’s no wonder we are a stressed out, overworked nation! The joy is absent in our lives!

Here is a quick list of 8 ways to experience joy in your life, today.

Give a gift. It can be anybody. A stranger, friend, relative, co-worker, it does not matter who it is. The gift doesn’t have to be physical, either. It can be a complement, or a silent prayer. This giving calls upon the natural laws of energy flow. Giving and receiving are just angles of the same energy. When you give, you will always receive.

2)Walk in nature. When was the last time you took a hike? Nature naturally gives us joy. It’s always available and always ready to lift our spirits.

Lend your ears. Maybe a friend or family member could use a sounding board. Become that sounding board and experience the joy of energy transfer. Everyday conversation naturally moves energy. Energy movement plants seeds of joy.

Hit the gym. It’s a scientific fact! Exercise boosts our endorphins and raises our mood! Science has really just now begun to understand how important exercise relates to our emotions and cognitive abilities. We’re designed by nature to be active beings.

Sometimes our standard routine can get us down (and we don’t even realize it!) Recognize stagnant energy and learn to change things up! Rearrange your skirting board Manufacturers schedule. Eat at a new place. Take a new approach to your day. Improvise!

Being thankful and grateful. No doubt about it, when we are thankful, we experience joy. You may be thinking that you have no room in your life to be thankful or grateful because of your current situation. Then start with the ground you are walking on. Then move onto the clothes on your back. As you are thankful and grateful about more and more things, you experience more and more joy! Joy will always lead to more joy. Become thankful and grateful for everything in your life. Positive and negative.

Meditate daily. An excellent way to experience the source of joy is to meditate. A daily meditation practice can have numerous positive effects on your life, including stress reduction, longer life span, calm and clear perspective, and a pure sense of joy!

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