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Take for example the simple act of

Quite possibly the most notable advantage of a shorter workout is that it gives us the ability to infuse a much higher level of intensity to an exercise. Through the use of higher intensity we can open up the flood gates of possibility for just how strong and capable we can build our bodies.

Take for example the simple act of running. It’s common knowledge that we just can’t sprint the length of a marathon. The only way we can last long enough to run 26.2 miles is to slow down and pace ourselves. Now let’s compare that to an all out sprint for 100 yards. Because it’s such a short distance we can put everything we can into each and every step.

Now both forms of running will certainly condition the body, but the shorter sprint will certainly call upon the body to put forth a greater effort through muscle force and power. By calling on so much more power from the body, it’s very likely that incredible changes can happen.
I have found this principal to be true across the board skirting board Manufacturers when it comes to exercise. Every time I try to increase my quantity of what I am doing I inevitably find the quality dropping down. I find my pace dropping off, my weight getting lighter and my focus to be diluted. In short, I’m just taking more time to do lighter work although much more of it.

So benefit number one is that shorter workouts give us the ability to put the pedal to the metal and charge forth with effort we couldn’t do with a long workout.

Now that we have our increased intensity we also have the ability to do many more workouts per week, or even per day. With a 15 minute workout in the morning, a 5 minute workout in the afternoon and one in the evening we can experience some tremendous advantages. First off, shorter workout times means we don’t drive ourselves into the ground and become tired for the rest of the day. By spreading our workload throughout the day we can keep our energy level high and our metabolic engine running hot.
This type of workout structure might also be much easier to fit into a daily schedule. It’s tough to shoehorn a full 60 minutes of exercise into the day but a few 15-20 minute sessions might be much easier. Plus if life causes you to miss a workout (as it often will) you are not missing out on a huge amount of exercise, just a small one so you won’t fall back nearly as far.

Finally, the short workout often allows us to stay motivated to keep exercising. Knowing that a full 60 minutes of tedious work is ahead is hardly going to make anyone look forward to exercise. However knowing that only 15 minutes of exercise is around the corner is a much smaller bite to chew and hence far easier to get out of the easy chair for.

In the end, short workouts are not for everyone, but I find they can offer a far more rewarding journey through fitness. For my exclusive free e0course on how to cut your workout time in half and gain far greater results check out my free

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