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The device IR-Infracam system is built on

The sensor within the infracam infrared camera is used in high end testing cameras as well as state of the art military imaging systems.The device IR-Infracam system is built on the ultra high resolution PtSi detector FLIR (Forward Looking infrared) technology. However, most glass and silicone based objects have additional infrared transparency in the lower 3-5 micron wave-lengths. You can perform excellent qualitative analysis on all your board level components with this hyper sensitive FLIR (Forward Looking infrared) technology imager. When we PVC skirting board Manufacturers put in an investment, we want to know if we will get 100% out of it.
The image is an R&D shot of a new high wattage photo flood lamp. Glass and silicone based materials block virtually all infrared energy in the longer 7-14 micron wavelengths. The unit is versatile enough to be used in the laboratory for detailed analysis and small enough to be used in the field as a quick diagnostic tool. There are a very limited number of demo / pre-owned systems left in existence

Author- 7bInfrared Products The company is into thermal Infrared products and night vision equipment like night vision goggle, night vision binocular. This infrared transparency allows you to perform an analysis like the one in the image. Note that you can clearly see the actual filament inside the bulb. With a long-wave imager all you would see is a hot bulb. The Infracam is a great tool for driving long runs of power distribution lines in urban and rural settings.
. You can see in this image a shot of a large power line. You can always ask for a demo camera just to check how it works and the image clarity and features. The Infracam thermography infrared camera is a lightweight, ultra sensitive thermal FLIR (Forward Looking infrared) technology infrared imaging camera package. The Infracam thermal infrared imaging camera is a shortwave FLIR (Forward Looking infrared) technology imager operating in the 3-5 micron wavelength. This IR-Infracam is a great choice for pass / fails quality control on PCB components.
The Infracam features an ultra-sensitive FLIR (Forward Looking infrared) technology PtSi cryo-cooled detector for unparalleled imaging sensitivity. You can see in this image of a human and canine the detail that the Infracam thermal imager is capable of producing. This device has the easy to use concept. This short-wave infrared performance allows you to perform analysis on subjects that long-wave imagers will not work on. This device also helps in finding ground faults and non operational components allowing you to streamline your troubleshooting process. You cannot “see” through glass with todays common 7-14 micron long-wave uncooled imagers.infrared camera

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