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The tower also lays claim to metal parts

Taking a tour to visist the world’s most leaning towers would reveal that Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa no longer lays claim to being the furthest leaning tower on the planet.
Alongside make believe snow in a desert oasis, buildings designed to look like pieces of a chess board, Abu Dhabi now has to the building that leans the most. The Capital Gate building in Abu Dhabi, was recently certified as being the tower with the most lean in the world by the Guinness Book of Records. The newest building has a lean of 18 degrees, which is approximately 5 times more than the Tower of Pisa.
The Capital Gate was deliberately erected to lean, unlike Tower of Pisa. After the 12th floor the floor plates are spread in order to arrive at the 18 degree lean.
The Leaning Tower of Pisa, the most famous leaning tower of all, is a free standing bell PVC skirting board Manufacturers tower. The tower began leaning straight after its construction in 1173, due to a badly laid foundation and loose substrata.
Galileo Galilei is reported to have dropped two cannon balls of different sizes from the tower, so as to demonstrate that their rate of descent was independent of their mass. However, this story may be a fantasy of Galileo’s secretary.
China, Malayasia, Germany, Ireland, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russian, United Kingdom, North America and the United States all can lay claim to having a leaning tower.
The leaning tower of Suurhusen, a late medieval steeple in Suurhusen, East Frisia, Germany, previously held the world record for being the most leaning tower in the world.
Tjabbo van Lessen, local historian, claims the church was built on marshy ground, where old oak tree trunks were preserved by the water in the ground. As the land ((dried out|became drained)), in the 19th century, the wood rotted away, causing the tower to lean.
The Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan, built in 1885 as a clock, water tower and beacon for shipping, by a Chinese builder, Leong Choon Cheong, began to lean four years following its completion, because of the presence of an underwater stream.
Russia’s Leaning Tower of Nevyansk, was built in the ((1700’s|18th century}}. Many claim that the tower was deliberately built at an incline, while others say the cause was because of drifting grounds.
Tradition claims that the tower cries, as water endlessly drips down the southeast wall. On top of the tower is the first ever lightning rod, built 35 years prior to Benjamin Franklin.
It is also the first known building to make use of reinforced concrete, 130 years prior to the first recorded use by a Parisian gardener in 1860.
The tower also lays claim to metal parts that have no sign of corrosion. Scientists agree that the iron composition is 99.6%, although commonplace today, it remains a mystery how 18th century builders used such high-grade material.

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